A sustainable accommodation at the heart of Lisbon? Yes! Let me introduce you one

When we think about a sustainable hotel we think about luxurious forests, bamboo washrooms and a lot of nature around us. But sustainable accommodations can also exist in busy cities like Lisbon and the Dare Lisbon House is the proof of that!

Open since 2018, the Dare Lisbon Lisbon has 23 apartments (rooms with a fully equipped kitchen) and it is a great place for those who look for a location at the heart of Lisbon! But the location is not all that this amazing place has to offer: here the sustainable values are respected and you can even bring your dog to stay with you!

Before getting into the sustainability part let me tell you why you should consider the Dare Lisbon for your stay: the apartments are big and comfortable, they offer good amenities and a good shower area, the breakfast has quality ingredients with all you need to start your day, you will be surrounded by unique decorations, the location is just perfect (you can easily walk to the main attractions like the river, the Cathedral or even the Castle, which is great even if you bring your pets since you don’t have to worry about taking them to transports) and their eye for detail creates a wonderful stay in Lisbon! They even provide a blanket and a feeding bowl for your 4-paws friend!

If you’re reading this post it probably means you love to travel sustainably, so let’s get into their sustainable values! This hotel is sustainable in so many different ways that I decided to organize them for you:


Water is the most important resource of our planet and the Dare Lisbon is concerned about the unnecessary use of water and committed to change it! Here’s what they do to fight that:

– Their heat pump system only allows for 20 minutes of hot water every 2 hours, so you reduce the time of your showers;

– They invite you to only leave your towels to wash when its necessary and not all the time;

– There are notes on the washroom inviting people to close the water tap while they brush or while using shampoo on the shower;

– The toilets work with a low flush system;

– Instead of giving plastic bottled waters, all the apartments have a glass Dare Lisbon bottle that is refilled when empty.


Energy is so easy to save nowadays and they show it very well:

– The lights of the common areas  have sensors, so they are only working when people are walking by;
– 99% of the rooms are equipped with Led lamps!

Food waste

Food waste is one of the biggest challenges in the tourism industry and this place decided to fight it by delivering you food so you can make your own breakfast. Every day you have fresh bread and cakes at your door and your room already comes with cereals (corn flakes & granola), eggs, fruits, jams, milk and butter (if you’re vegan or vegetarian they will replace the items with plant-based options). They give you the perfect amount for 2 people and if you want more you can just ask the staff.

Plastic & waste management

 – In order to avoid the millions of plastic bottles spent every year on amenities, the Dare Lisbon chose to provide their washrooms with bigger bottles that are refilled once the guests use them;                                                                                 – In your kitchen area, you have a place for your organic trash and a place for recycling! (this was one of the things I loved the most, as it is very hard to find in apartments or hotels!);                                                                                                 – Some of the amenities that normally come in plastic for hygiene reasons (like dental kits) are only  provided upon request, reducing the amount of plastic items people would use or simply take home.

Support to the local community

 – All the delicious breakfast ingredients  are from Portuguese and local suppliers, so the local economy is supported;      – The decoration of the rooms and the hotel is made with pieces from Portuguese artisans and they’re unique! You will find different elements in each room you visit!

The building

The Dare Lisbon is located in a 18th century building and, instead of being demolished, the space was refurbished to create the accommodation. The owners used all the elements that the building already had (like glazed tiles or some more rustic walls) and they kept them as a way to keep the authenticity of the building and also to prevent the use of unnecessary resources to make everything from scratch.

So many things they’re doing and some of them are really simple to achieve! This is the beauty of sustainability! It does not have to be complicated and you can also find it in big cities!

If you’re interested in visiting them on your next journey to Lisbon you can book directly on their website or simply send them an email to [email protected]. The Dare Lisbon House has the Clean & Safe label and it’s a safe place to travel during this pandemic.

I hope you enjoyed this article and that I could make you more aware of the aspects you should be looking for in your next hotel stay! Have you ever visited any sustainable hotel inside a city? Let me know in the comments or in my social networks below.

Wish you a great week and keep travelling to the green!


Patrícia Mano Ahmad

Travelling to the Green